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Hello there,

I am director but I am the founder of this business consultancy that offers business coaching and management consulting to organisations and entrepreneurs. After my first business in mental health consulting to the National Health Service across London, I realised that my patients were opting into running their own businesses, due to poor leadership and particularly empathy in the work place.


My Pivotal Story:
My techniques  of cognitive behavioural coaching and business strategy has led thousands of clients to transition from employee mode to entrepreneur life in 4 weeks. When clients overcome anxiety and depression the freedom from negativity can transform their views of their abilities and what they can accomplish, and more importantly they can work for what they’re worth.


My Clients

I enjoy working with diverse clients, and can tailor plans to meet individualised needs, marking improvements and recovery in over 80% of my clients.
I have

–  improved their levels of engagement and job satisfaction,
– developed presentation skills for promotion,
and increasing confidence, and abilities to problem-solve and make decisions under pressure

I use psychology to create effective business strategies and innovation within organisations through change management and executive coaching.

My Message

Having managed my personal growth, and professional prowess from as young as 14. My bible was the 7 Habit of Highly Effective People and lots of Encyclopeadias.


I feel like my journey to meeting to my goals can be replicated, once people master the art of knowing their passion and believing in themselves.

Forget your circumstances, and focus on your strengths and align yourself with opportunities.

The elevator pitch, the investor’s pitch, the promotion, the negotiation for business partnership  – I have won at my first take and I want you to do the same.

Entrepreneurship is the art of presence, promotion and profitability.

I have pitched to Startup Weekend Trinidad, Cambridge Business School and Northampton Change Maker Programme.


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