Timeless Strategies that Drive Entrepreneurship

Hi there guys, There seems to be a cultural elitism that often downplays the work of some over others. What we often focus on is the need for a certain level of education, or financial stability. We may not consider the guy who invented a new way of saving money to build his business, or [...]

How neuroscience can improve your focus and goal-driven behaviour.

How neuroscience can improve your focus and goal-driven behaviour.

Gartner predicts that by 2021, over 25% of companies would use brain-based principles and neuroscience to improve the way learning professionals work. You can improve the learning curve, leadership outcomes, and impact the unconscious brain. More than 90% of your brain's learning is unconscious. Therefore, companies should invest more in decision-making, intuition and creativity. Brain [...]

3 Ways to Stay Focused This Summer

If you are working on a personal goal this Summer and struggling to stay focused, then here are a few tips to get you in the zone and through to that feeling of accomplishment. Organise your Space Create a space in your house where you can either prepare, or work on your project. Embellish the [...]

7 Tips for a Stress-Free Summer

Let us first define Stress.   Stress can force us to be more creative as we find ways to alleviate the emotional responses. Types of Stress   There is eustress, "good stress" and distress, "bad stress." When distress is met with poor coping mechanisms, and/or a weak support system, the response can be detrimental to [...]

Dining to Build Employee Relations and Innovation

Dining to Build Employee Relations and Innovation

Have you seen the movie Little, in Cinemas now? I highly recommend it if you are an executive or entrepreneur struggling to meet your stakeholders' needs. So many of us have developed personalities that reflect our attitudes to standing out, a fear of going public. Some bosses bully quite simply because they have been bullied [...]

Harnessing Creativity to Change the Trajectory of Your Life

Last Saturday I was invited to speak at a TedTalk-like event in partnership with Rotaract Clubs Diego Martin and Piarco-University of the West Indies, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago. The event was advertised to the general public with a reservation of over 80 young adults between the ages of 18 and 33. So here I was [...]