A personal message to my better self

There is no easy way to improve your life .
people who say to me , ive been reading a course on this and that, or focusing on this one habit … going to the gym more…
i look back at those things as skimming the surface.
if you really want to change your life, be bold, dedicate hours of your day to being a better person, read and grow, surround yourself with more positive and inspiring people who are doing what you wanna do and doing it way better. get uncomfortable.

Talking to myself: Look, I know this is hard work but watch how easily you develop character, find your passion for something you never knew about or just hit some sort of gold mine when it comes to your spiritual development. Are you ready to commit to this and stick it out, accept the pain?

Reflection: Soliloquy

Starting is hard. We need to start with love and appreciation of where we are, who we are and dig deep into ourselves. We will come up with our weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, competencies, and find what problem you want to solve.

We need to accept.
We overlook forgiveness so much. Forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, forgiving our circumstances… Sooner or later you will realise that where you start just doesn’t really matter so much anymore, but when you start can.

Day 2, or Today, you decide! Some day could be Today!

Once you realise you are doing what it takes to do something good for yourself, and putting your needs and values first you will build momentum and confidence.

Cherishing your time as you develop your inner voice, your conviction, the interactions, the smiles, the not so boring blog you decided to read, the book you picked up this week, the walking the extra 5miles, the making time to see your friend’s new baby, the blog you wrote, the charity you supported, the guy you always wanted to speak to at work, the gym class you always wanted to sign up for.

Reflection: Soliloquy

…it is not easy, but it is highly possible.

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