Sharisse Hosein MSc., MBA

Business Coach who focuses on the mindset and improves your productivity levels.

I offer an indepth analysis of how your circumstances are affecting your capacity to think strategically, work smart, be proactive and stay psyched up.


To work with the end in mind, and envision the quality of life you want for yourself and your loved ones, is crucial to goal achievement.

I offer hypnotherapy sessions and mindfulness practice to help you visualise and realize your true potential.

Goal Achievement

Achieving specificied goals, and monitoring the progress toward a time-limit is attainable through daily proactive behaviour and focus.

Thousands of clients in the UK and more recently across the globe have accessed sessions online, over the telephone and face to face.

I have worked using hourly sessions for up to 3 months to help them develop an innovatice mindset, so they can work with the resources they have.

Personal Development

Using cognitive and behavioural practice I use value-driven tasks to facilitate goal-directed behaviours. The idea behind this is that we are more proactive when we are intrinsically motivated. I offer advice and guidance on indivualising your routine to ensure you stay psyched up about what matters the most to you.

My approach.

I focus on solutions

I focus on the here-and-now

Results are measurable – even with changing your mindset

I give scientific evidence, logial facts and research statistics based on some client stories as proof that the strategies will work.

I build trust and move at a pace that is just outside your comfort zone

I will push you, intrigue you and help you to travel with more direction and pace in achieving goals.

Tips on redefining goals

  • What has changed?
  • What impact has it made on your motivation?
  • Did it change your perception or your mood?
  • Is it worth changing your strategy, route or portfolio?

Areas of expertise

Here are the 3 types of coaching I offer.

Life Coaching
geared toward your best self through personal development and cognitive behavioural approaches to improving your beliefs about your competencies by

  1. developing your personality traits
  2. learning the art of negotiating
  3.  managing conflict and confrontation better.

Executive Coaching
geared toward your best career, and to develop your best leadership style, through professional development.

  1. I can help you develop a professional portrait or CV
  2. help you succeed at interviews
  3. change your career
  4. manage work-related stress
  5. improve presentations and deliver with confidence
  6. manage your team or difficult colleague more effectively.

Business Coaching
geared towards a successful transition of self-employment, become a locum and/or develop entrepreneurship skills to increase business opportunites and profitability.

I have avenues and contacts to help you

  1. to seek funding from various investors
  2. turn an idea into a product or service
  3. market a product or service
  4. develop a competitive advantage
  5. win sales and clients
  6. or just gain more social media followers.