Sharisse Hosein MSc., MBA

I offer coaching and timeless strategies that drive entrepreneurship 

I have over thirteen years’ in the industry of human development through coaching and training. In 2011, I graduated as a psychologist having worked on neuropsychology and neurodegenerative diseases. Within a year, I was accepted on the Low Intensity Psychological Interventions course to learn how to manage clients living with mild to moderate levels of anxiety. In 2013, I became a consultant for the National Health Service across London’s Primary Care Trusts.

With a deep understanding of neuroscience and how the human mind affects habit formation, I can help people change. I have applied my knowledge and understanding of what makes us creative, confident and collaborative using specific emotional intelligence competencies to help us become more innovative.

When unforeseen circumstances forced me to leave London in 2016, I felt like I was experiencing a major roadblock. But within a month’s time, I co-created a platform for entrepreneurs to network and focus on business problems. In 2018, we were sponsored by the World Bank and one entrepreneur walked away with half a million dollars. Dialogue amongst diverse groups is the foundation for innovation, so I created a dining event that would encourage just this.